Anti Cellulite Body Mud

(6.8 fl.oz | ‎200 ml)

Black Creamy Mud, Soften and Relieve the Skin

Because it’s so hard to treat cellulite effectively, JOMEER is the best cellulite cream to get rid of it. That’s because cellulite isn’t caused by fat. Instead, it is caused by the relationship of fat cells and connective tissue in the skin. Underneath the skin’s surface, these connective cords pull down toward the muscle, while fat cells simultaneously push up, causing a lumpy or dimpled appearance.

How to use it:
Heat the mud packet in hot water or in the microwave for two minutes at medium heat (open the bag before heating in microwave). Spread generously on intact skin over the entire body (avoiding open wounds and irritated skin). Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes maximum, It is recommended to use Body Wrap Film and then rinse thoroughly with water. For a specific body areas application.

Test temperature before applying to the skin. For external use only. Not for facial treatment. Avoid eye contact. Keep out of reach of children. Respect contact time.

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