Shower Gel

(6.8 fl.oz | ‎200 ml)

Refreshing shower gel to clean and hydrate the skin
  • Washes away dirt and impurities
  • Does not dry out the skin
  • Refreshes and relaxes

  • This gentle shower gel is not only to clean and soften your skin, but also to impact your mood a calming, relaxing sensation. Dead Sea minerals act as natural cleanser while Herbal Extracts and Magnesium help restore skin back to peak condition. It Instantly leaves the skin feeling creamy lather fresh, hydrated and clean without stripping its natural defenses. Protective Vitamin E and Pro-Vitamin B 5 combined with tension-relieving Fragrance to delight your senses.

    How to use it:
    Lather up with loofah in shower or bath to feel instantly comforted, relaxed, refreshed, energized and ready to start. For use as bath foam, add to bathtub alongside rapidly running water and enjoy. Recommend After bathing or showering use JOMEER Body Lotion for an extra Dead Sea mineral touch.

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