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The opportunity to share products that help people achieve healthy looking skin was just the beginning. Our company was founded 13 years ago in Jordan, and is known as one of the leading brands in terms of innovation and manufacturing high quality products based on Dead Sea minerals. Dead Sea is known as the first “SPA” in the history it has natural mineral contents of 35% – 10 times more than any other seawater in the world, also known as a natural healing place for skin conditions, certain minerals, like Magnesium and potassium, which can be found only in the Dead Sea. Unlike most commercial products, JOMEER cosmetics Collection brand are specifically formulated to benefit your skin and restore or maintain its natural glow. Dead Sea minerals, salts and mud, integrated in skin care, bath & body and hair care products, achieving amazing results for its users. JOMEER state of the art plant strive to use the highest quality ingredients in the formulation of all of our products. is processing the whole production chain, from receiving the raw material (mineral, mud, salts etc.) until delivering the complete product to the customer. The factory is located in Jordan, in the Dead Sea district.

Our Origins

The Dead Sea is the lowest sea on Planet Earth, also is full of a highly concentrated formulation of naturally occurring minerals, which have eroded over time, producing the enriched waters and muds of the Dead Sea. The waters of the Dead Sea Jordan contain high levels of minerals like Bromide, Zinc, and Iron, also important minerals such as Sodium and Magnesium. Dead Sea Land has utilized the healing and rejuvenating powers of the Dead Sea with their extensive line of bath, body and skin care products. Since Biblical times, Dead Sea mud has been used to treat skin and help in control of acne, while enriching the skin also functions in drawing out toxins, with a legacy lasting century, use of Dead Sea minerals (usually in the form of salt and scrubs), Dead Sea products have a long history of skin restoration and healing properties. Their lengthy history explains the continuously growing popularity of Dead Sea skincare products.

Our Flair

No chemical, Organic ingredients for healthy-looking skin & body and hair care.

Our Values

Is about more than the products we create, manufacture and fill: our top priority is the customer and although these are the foundation of what we do being clear on ‘Why’ we’re doing it.

Our Development Team

Our team undertake research before manufacture we pride ourselves on being a wide range of cosmetic products. From everyday toiletries, hair care and skin care, to the most exclusive and advanced products, our team are ambassadors for planet-friendly products and processes. All of JOMEER® products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, FDA-registered, GMP compliant facility located in Jordan. These qualifications mean all products are manufactured in accordance with the utmost safety and sanitary requirements ensuring the products you purchase are safe, properly tested, and efficacious.

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Phone:+962 79 75 1111 2

Email: info@jomeerbeauty-deadsea.com

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